Spirit slates

Two ordinary black slates , such as used to be used in schools in lieu of paper or personal computers, are presented to the audience and demonstrated to be . In fact, we believe they are the. The magician, with the aid of these miraculous slates, can cause any brief message to appear. Hier erhalten Sie eine qualitativ hochwertige und stabile . An answer to your question appears between two blank slates.

Der Zauberer kann mit Hilfe dieser Geistertafeln kleinen Mitteilungen oder Vorhersagen erscheinen lassen.

Die Tafeln werden vor einem Trick leer vorgezeigt. Jetzt auch als Partyversion verfügbar! Glauben Sie ja nicht, dass die Geistertafeln ein alter Hut seien, in dieser exzellenten Ausführung schon gleich gar nicht!

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The slates are shown devoid of . I have to tell you the locking slates are more than awesome. I absolutely love performing with them.

Spirit Slates Magnetic (Invisible Magnet) by Bazar de Magia Geistertafeln Zaubertrick. This limited edition set of magnetic spirit slates , are handcrafted from quality hardwoods by an expert.

You can use both or one of the slates individually. Perfect for Close-up, Parlor, Table Hopping and Walk Around! This set of spirit slates works without any flap or. Post Tests, Handcuffs, Spirit Collars, etc Chapter VIII.

Miscellaneous Tricks 1SPIRIT SLATE. Eine Nachricht erscheint auf den Tafeln – wie von Geisterhand geschrieben! Q design, with identical mechanism.

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £or more. Buchtest, Tricks mit Tafeln, z. SLADE AND HIS SPIRIT SLATES Slate writing was an especially fortunate find for mediums. Its were obtained in full light and the whole thing seemed . Spirit slates are staple props used by mediums, spiritualists, mentalists and magicians as part of séances since the early nineteenth century.

Product Code: TINYSPIRIT Availability: In Stock. Unlike other magnetic slates Abacus Spiritalis had another trick up its sleeve .