Hebe emerald gem

Umgebungstemperatur während der Ruheperiode: bis 10°C. Die Blütenfarbe ist weiss (klein, nichtzahlreich). A compact shrub that forms domes of bright green, tightly packed foliage.

Small white flowers are prolific in spring. Will grow in sun or semi-shade, best in well .

I think this is the coolest little shrub in town, yes, a die-hard flower floozette like me! Slow growing to x 2 you get a. Useful cultivars and selections:. Evergreen and hardy, this one occasionally produces small . Hebe Emerald Gem (Green Globe).

Leaves tiny, glossy, densely arranged. It sometimes produces clusters of white flowers in .

This compact shrub forms oval domes of bright green tightly packed foliage. A compact, evergreen shrub forming an almost perfect mound of green foliage and spikes of white flowers in mid to late summer. An evergreen shrub making an almost perfect mound of tiny green leaves, ideal for rockeries, pots or the front of well drained sunny borders. Potentilla fruticosa Tangerine £7.

Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Der immergrüne Strauch kommt ursprünglich aus . Domes of bright green tightly packed tidy foliage. Heath like tight cushions of tiny evergreen chartreusy leaves…12” tall and 18” wide rounded mounds look sheared. Lots of little white tubular flowers in summer.

Bescherm deze tuinplant in de . Deze woorden beginnen met `Hebe`. Compact, tight-mounding shrub with miniature green foliage. Excellent in rock gardens, containers, or mixed in . De nederlandse naam is Struikveronica, familie van de Scrophulariacea. De bladeren zijn groen en ongeveer cm.

A popular compact hebe sought after for its lush, semi-whipcor bright green foliage.

In early spring bears masses of white flowers. Lightly trim after flowering to .